1. Does Statim offer consulting services?

Yes, we offer consulting services tailored specially for your practice. We also offer personalized data analytics of your practice economics as part of our Medical Billing services.

2. Can patients pay their bills using credit cards?

Yes, we do accept Credit Card payments from Patients.

3. Who receives the payments?

Your office will receive the payments directly from the Payer. At times, electronically submitted claims payments are received by providers within as little as 7 business days of submission. For Medicare claims, providers generally receive payments in 14 business days after submission.

4. Do I need any special software or system for you to do our billing?

NO. Whether you already have Software or if you are not computerized at all, we can handle your billing. NO COMPUTER IS NEEDED.

5. How do you charge for your services?

Our fee is based on the percentage of the revenue you collected as a result of our service throughout the month.

6. Will I get a dedicated team for my billing?

Each client is assigned a designated Account Manager, giving the security and comfort of working with a representative who is uniquely familiar with your practice.

7. How long does it take to get started with STATIM?

We can start billing most insurance carriers immediately.  Medicare and Medicaid/Medi-Cal require special authorization and it usually takes  2-3 weeks before we can submit claims on your behalf.

8. What information does our office need to provide STATIM?

We need your patient’s demographics and insurance information, super-bills or charge sheets, and any EOBs that come to your office for posting purposes.

9. How often should we send our new billing to STATIM?

We recommend that you send it daily or weekly to ensure consistent cash flow.

10. How will you handle billing our patients?

We will bill your patients for any balance due. Your patients will receive a comprehensive billing statement with our telephone number to direct all billing questions to our call center. A self-addressed envelope with your practice name and address is included.

11. How do you handle denials from insurance carriers?

 We will review the denial to verify validity. If the denial is not valid we will appeal and resubmit the claim at no additional charge to the provider.

12. How often do you follow up on claims?

We aggressively follow up on all claims immediately after the established time frame for reimbursement has passed by.

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