Medical Billing

How to Prevent the Top Five Medical Billing Denials

You will agree that one of the nerve-racking experiences with healthcare billing services is the medical billing denials from the insurance companies. Insurance Claims are denied even with the slightest of errors during the billing, coding, and claim processing stages. Needless to say, denial implies a high chance of a hole in your pocket because denied claims are almost impossible to recover! However, if you are persistent, your next step will be either re-filing the claim or trying to fetch the same from the patient! Learn How to prevent the top five medical billing denials.

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Medical Billing

5 Ways to Boost Your Medical Practice Revenue

If you are a medical practitioner in Brea California and you want to boost your medical practice revenue, this article is a must read!

Enhance your clientele: First up, revenue will increase when patient-population increases! Known fact! Staying connected is the mantra today. Connect with your clients via twitter/facebook/instagram and gently push reminders, health notifications, follow-up appointments and the like. This will enhance your connect and credibility with your patients! Following can lead to liking, liking can lead to sharing!

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Medical Billing

Changes from Optum, How are you affected?

Many wise individuals have said, “The only constant thing in life is change!” This same phrase applies to the healthcare industry. Recently, Optum announced major changes/ updates to the member service coverage in a plan designed for members of United Healthcare’s (UHC) fully insured plans. Effective July 1st 2021 , Optum fully insured plans will exclude benefits provided to members outside of their service area as defined in their member certificate of coverage. This change applies to medical and behavioral health services (Psychiatric and/or Substance Use) and impacts services that are already subject to prior authorization. This change in coverage is causing providers all across the nation to ask questions of how this will impact their patients, their businesses and their future!

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Medical Billing

5 Reasons: Why Now Is The Time To Hire a Medical-Billing Company

Are you working as a healthcare professional in California? Let’s talk about your medical-billing experiences.

Do you feel that medical billing is like descending into a rabbit hole?

Do you feel the ever-evolving insurance policies are testing your mental sanity?

Do you feel you are better off with only treatment and diagnosis of patients?

Do you ever feel the urge to free yourself from the burden of medical billing?

We can help! Here’s our advice…

It is high time to hire a medical billing company!

Let’s explain WHY:

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Medical Billing

10 Benefits of Hiring a Medical Billing Company for your Healthcare Facility

Are you a medical practitioner? Let’s dialogue on whether you have ever:

  • Experienced medical billing as outside your core competency?
  • Failed to understand the medical insurance laws for revenue recovery?
  • Experienced a deep sense of frustration with phone inquiries, form-resubmissions/duplications, and other such medical billing procedures?
  • Lost a substantial amount of revenue due to billing inaccuracy?
  • Experienced insurance denial despite long hours of detailed medical billing?
  • Spent wastefully for in-house billing with no substantial results?

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