Gold Billers

Kipu EMR Gold-Certified Biller Accreditation

Through the Kipu EMR Gold-Certified Biller program, you work less – and your biller works smarter. Gone are the days of having your addiction treatment center staff waste valuable time collecting data or a weekly census for billing. Instead, your biller uses the Kipu EMR Biller login (which you control) to harvest data through custom reports created in Kipu.


After all weekly data is collected, an “Authorization To Bill” is created by your addiction treatment facility’s biller. You then simply log in and approve the week’s billing data. Your staff time is used solely for approving the billing; you no longer collect any data for your biller!

This not only saves you time, it improves your accuracy because it is DOUBLE CHECKED.

One more time for the people in the back:

Your biller harvests and collects the data and you confirm it. Previously, you collected billing data…and no one checked it! Yikes!

But it doesn’t end there.

Your biller’s collections professionals are trained by Kipu EMR to access data for appeals, presentations of medical necessity, third-party reviews, UDT/LAB information and more. The best part? Your biller will access it all directly from Kipu EMR by themselves.

Kipu EMR VOBGetter

Finally, KIPU’s seamless VOBGetter and UR request processing save you time. You don’t have to fill out Verification of Benefit forms, or retype anything. Everything required from your Kipu Facesheet feeds into the electronic VOBGettersystem. This speeds processing and gets you what you need faster.

Benefits Of Using a KIPU EMR Gold-Certified Biller

Kipu Gold-Certified billers are trained to harvest billing information, compile it, then send you an electronic “Authorization To Bill” which your staff quickly checks and approves. Previously, your staff might have spent up to two days per week compiling billing data by hand, and the work wasn’t even double-checked. Who knows how much you forgot to bill…

Collection professionals are trained to assemble all required data from the clinical record for appeals of denials, third party reviews, presentations of medical necessity, and all other data necessary for collection efforts. This not only saves your staff valuable time that can be better spent on patient care, it often increases collection rates because your biller’s staff gets what they need without delay or interruption!

You don’t have to fill out Verification of Benefit requests or double-type anything. Simply crank up the Kipu Facesheet, request a VOB, and the request is immediately passed to the biller – where the work is assigned to the appropriate staff (by payer, type of service, and other criteria).

Let’s review: Kipu EMR Gold-Certified billers harvest census data, participate in the Kipu VOB program, and examine the clinical record for UR. They also obtain all information needed for insurance company requests – as well as appeals of denials and third-party reviews or documentation of medical necessity. This all adds up to your staff saving on time that used to go towards manual work, which can now be spent on patient care. You’ll be able to execute your treatment plans in peace, knowing your Gold Biller is taking care of business.

How It All Works

It’s simple: The Kipu VOBGetter system connects electronically to the VOB portal and tracking system. VOB requests are assigned to the your biller’s VOB staff by preference of payer, client, and other criteria for faster and more accurate VOBs.


Kipu EMR Gold-Certified Biller Process Details

Gold-Certified Biller UR staff work directly in the Kipu Medical Record for speedier and more intelligent UR negotiation.
Your Gold-Certified biller’s staff harvests census data through customized Kipu reporting. An “Authorization To Bill” is sent to you for approval and payer billing speeds through your biller’s system faster than ever before.
In case of insurance company requests for additional information and documentation, Gold-Certified billers are trained to gather all documentation needed for quicker response to payers, saving your staff time.
In case of an under-pay or denial, a third-party review team at your Gold-Certified biller collects all needed information for faster and more timely documentation of medical necessity.
All this means you save as many as 1.5 to 2 staff members from chasing paper, instead devoting their time to patient care. You take care of patients; Gold-Certified billers take care of business.
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Less billing work, less confusion, faster turnaround, and increased accuracy.

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