Our Medical Billing Services in California

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.


Hire us and we will assure you timely updates (via e-reports) regarding eligibility, necessary restrictions, permissions, and recommendations.


Hire us and our expert utilization team will conduct regular audits of your treatment facility and clinical team to optimize patients’ insurance benefits and billing procedures.


Hire us and our skilled revenue recovery team will examine, submit, and audit the claims payment process accurately and within the stipulated time.


STATIM ensures that clients’ billing and recovery-related claims are processed within 72 hours of the services offered. Also, we place follow-ups on paramount priority to ensure substantial recovery


STATIM assigns an exclusive and competent team to process your revenue-recovery and claims and we update the status of these claims to our clients on a regular basis.


STATIM hires experienced staff that can regulate patient invoices and calls even on older co-pays, co-insurance or deductibles.

Credentialing and Contracting

Medical credentialing is the process of getting a license to practice healthcare services after document verification. Credentialing verifies the qualifications of the healthcare provider.


We understand the process of entrusting a billing company can be daunting. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction in order to assist our clients in achieving their goals and values.


Our knowledgeable Verification of Benefit specialists comprehend all good billing begins with this crucial step and are highly trained in assessing benefit eligibility in a prompt manner. Statim ensures our clients receive a detailed electronic report including coverage details, eligibility, pertinent restrictions, authorizations needed, and recommendations given when you communicate with our professional insurance representatives. Electronic reports include deductible information, coinsurance, and copay information for every level of care, including drug testing, and are received 24 hours including weekend, after hours, and holidays.


Statim employs licensed and experienced Utilization Specialists to assist your clinical team and treatment facility by maximizing patient’s insurance benefits. Our Utilization Specialists are ready to assist your skilled staff in documenting the needed information to ensure the patients always meets the level of care you are billing for. Pertinent information is relayed to Statim via Electronic Medical Record keeping and our aggressive Utilizations Specialists fight for needed days and sessions so that your clinicians can continue to focus on treatment of your patients. Our Utilization Specialists update swiftly regarding updated clinical information needed, and outcome of concurrent reviews.


Efficiency in submitting the correct claims is vital to ensuring you get paid promptly for your services. Statim places heavy emphasis on supporting your facility by processing claims within 72 hours. Every claim submitted is followed up with a status audit every week, and the status of every claim submitted is relayed to the client in a comprehensive weekly charge report. Through this diligence, Statim safeguards your facility from any confusion or mishaps that may happen in regards to receipt of payment from the insurance company, and can promptly begin the appeal process if any claims have been denied.


Insurance companies know healthcare providers are busy taking care of more important things like their patients therefore, they deny claims and hope the deadline to appear will expire before you realize it is too late. At Statim, we address the details of each denial and all claims less than two years will be audited and appealed if needed. We will check for incorrect and incomplete claim filing while establishing proper payout and amounts and CCI edits. Patient invoices and calls will be generated on any past due co-pays, coinsurance or deductibles.

Statim Dashboard:

Statim created a comprehensive Dashboard customized for each individual facility. The Dashboard gives complete transparency and allows the facility to check in real time for claims billed, payments received, outstanding balances, utilization reviews completed, daily/weekly/monthly census reports, and an interactive verification of benefits form. This integrative, cloud-based software hosts a Full-service revenue cycle management and offers robust reporting features which are updated daily.

Revenue cycle management (RCM)

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is the process used by healthcare systems in the United States and all over the world to track the revenue from patients, from their initial appointment or encounter with the healthcare system to their final payment of balance. The cycle can be defined as, “all administrative and clinical functions that contribute to the capture, management, and collection of patient service revenue. It is a cycle that describes and explains the life cycle of a patient (and subsequent revenue and payments) through a typical healthcare encounter from admission (registration) to final payment (or adjustment off of accounts receivables).

Electronic Medical Recording System (EMR)

In 2019 Statim launched their customized Electronic Medical Record system (EMR) for facilities to use. We developed and created this EMR system based on user friendliness, HIPPA compliance, and best practices used in medical record keeping in association to insurance companies and what they request in medical records. The current facilities using this EMR system have great reviews regarding the efficacy of the system, and compliment the user-friendly aspect of it. We would love to set up a tutorial and introduction with you.



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