Are you a medical practitioner? Let’s dialogue on whether you have ever:

  • Experienced medical billing as outside your core competency?
  • Failed to understand the medical insurance laws for revenue recovery?
  • Experienced a deep sense of frustration with phone inquiries, form-resubmissions/duplications, and other such medical billing procedures?
  • Lost a substantial amount of revenue due to billing inaccuracy?
  • Experienced insurance denial despite long hours of detailed medical billing?
  • Spent wastefully for in-house billing with no substantial results?

If your answer to the above questions is a “Yes,” here’s our suggestion. Hiring a third party for medical billing can help! check out here benefits of hiring a medical billing company for your healthcare facility. Put an end to the unsuccessful and exhausting phone inquiries, billing, coding, and form submissions/re-submissions!

Medical-billing companies in California help medical practitioners with insurance claims for their healthcare facility. Hiring a third party for medical billing can help with error-free documentation, billing, coding, and processing insurance claims.

Hiring a medical billing company brings you a whole lot of benefits.

  1. We ensure to reduce your billing errors: Medical billing company can produce profitable revenue-recovery output with minimal or no errors. The revenue collection specialists understand the various laws associated with eligibility, permissions, requirements, documents, billing and coding formats.
  2. We ensure to help you focus exclusively on your patients: Let’s accept it; medical-billing is not the doctor’s core competency. While a medical practitioner is good at diagnosing and treating patients, third-party experts can handle the medical-billing more efficiently. Hence, outsourcing the medical-billing to a team of experts can only enhance your credibility as a doctor.
  3. We ensure the medical-billing to be pocket-friendly: As a medical practitioner you may have experienced that in-house billing incurs larger expenses in terms of administrative space as well as staff! You may also agree that in-house billing is rarely successful. Medical-billing company employs experts in medical legislation who have mastered revenue-cycle management. They ensure predictable cash-flows and adequate revenue recovery. Hence, outsourcing medical-billing is a wiser choice.
  4. We ensure billing compliance: Okay, let’s face it!  Medical-billing is a hard nut to crack for medical practitioners. The ever-evolving insurance policies can cost you your medical license too. However, for credentialed specialists in medical-billing and coding, this task is a cake-walk. These specialists will proactively identify the potential compliance issues so as to negate or minimize delays or denials. This will ensure efficiency in billing, coding, and processing claims. Therefore, you can be assured of larger cash-flow and efficient revenue-recovery.
  5. We ensure efficiency and accountability: Be it phone inquiries, form-resubmissions/duplications, insurance denials, or even follow-ups – take my word for it – when you hire a billing company, they will manage every task related to medical billing. Specialists review and track every submitted claim to ensure maximum revenue recovery. Hence, there is cent percent accountability and efficiency with revenue-cycle management.
  6. We ensure end-to-end revenue cycle management: Believe me when I say, you will be immensely helped by hiring a medical billing company because they are accountable and reliable with regard to revenue recovery. This includes recording patient demographic data, credentialing, pre-certification insurance eligibility data verification, billing, account receivables, outstanding balances, utilization reviews, daily/weekly/monthly census reports, interactive verification of benefits form, denial management and what not! Right from your front-end to back-end activities – the company takes care of it all with utmost sincerity.
  7. We ensure easy access to medical-billing: Medical-billing can be a cumbersome and risky process for health practitioners whose domain is only diagnosis and treatment of illnesses. On the flip side, hiring medical-billing specialists can ease the revenue-recovery process and bring more profits too.
  8. We ensure larger diagnostic space: Think about it! An in-house billing team would consume an extra administrative space within your clinical set-up. On the flip side, if you hire a medical-billing company, you can utilise this space for your therapeutic and diagnostic purposes.
  9. We ensure to minimize your insurance denials: Hiring a medical-billing company for revenue-recovery will reduce the errors. In case of errors, the revenue-recovery experts will follow-up and correct the issues in nick of time. Hence, one major benefit of outsourcing is substantial recovery in the shortest amount of time with the least number of errors.
  10. We ensure to increase your cash flow:
    Hiring a medical company is economical in several ways. Your administrative costs that could arise due to in-house billing are minimized. The submission errors and the pain points for billing are also reduced. Hence, your revenue recovery is maximized! 

                  If you are struggling with medical billing and you need a reliable hand for assisting with it, please reach out to a medical billing and coding company! Let the experts handle the revenue recovery while you focus on healthcare!