If you are a medical practitioner in Brea California and you want to boost your medical practice revenue, this article is a must read!

Enhance your clientele: First up, revenue will increase when patient-population increases! Known fact! Staying connected is the mantra today. Connect with your clients via twitter/facebook/instagram and gently push reminders, health notifications, follow-up appointments and the like. This will enhance your connect and credibility with your patients! Following can lead to liking, liking can lead to sharing!

Enhance your healthcare billing procedures: Secondly, revenue will increase when billing, coding and processing is managed in time and followed up with rigor! Increasing the clientele is not the only solution! You should also be equipped to manage and regulate the billing for all these clients! Medical-practice revenue in Brea California can be recovered through the following steps. All you need to do is:

  • Documentation: Document your patient-demographic data and verify the same
  • Certification: Assess pre-certification insurance eligibility
  • Billings and Billing utilization: Manage the account receivables, outstanding balances, and denials (if any), review and enhance recovery utilization
  • Billing record maintenance: Maintain daily/weekly/monthly census reports
  • Insurance Claims Processing: Process insurance-claims

Does medical billing seem like a daunting task?  Do you feel like descending into a rabbit-hole?

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We very well know diagnosing and treating patients is your niche area!

We also know that medical billing is definitely not your niche area!

So, look around and you will find reliable and credentialed Medical billing Company in Brea California to provide you with near-perfect healthcare billing solutions! On the bright side, hiring medical billing company for your healthcare billing solutions is highly beneficial; it will also enhance your bottom line in a stress-free, error free manner!

If you are facing even one of the 5 medical billing related problems mentioned below, believe me, you should hire a medical billing company in Brea California!

  1. Increase in clientele: Your clientele has increased massively and you need an expert to help with credentialing, billing, coding and processing claims??? Please hire STATIM!
  1. Inability to manage patient demographic data: Your patient’s demographic data is scattered in different files and folders and you have no time to gather them??? Please hire STATIM!
  1. Physically drained staff: Your clinical staff is physically burned out to document and process outstanding balances and denials??? Please hire STATIM!
  1. Clumsy in-house billing staff: Your in-house billing staff has committed grave errors in coding, insurance verification, and other revenue-cycle management procedures costing you a bomb??? Please hire STATIM!
  1. Dimwitted in-house billing staff : Your in-house billing staff is a bird-brain to understand the ever-changing medical legislations and insurance norms resulting is low recovery utilization??? Please hire STATIM!

Here’s 5 Ways a Medical Billing Company Eases Your Healthcare Billing Solutions and Boosts Your Medical Practice Revenue:

  1. Digitized Patient-Data-Profiling: A vital benefit Hiring a medical billing company is their diligence and commitment towards documentation and verification of patient-demographic data. Statim LLC optimizes your patient-data-profiles by updating them regularly.
  2. Enhanced Efficiency of Clinical Staff: While the medical billing company is committed to managing your medical billing, the clinical staff can exclusively cater to the medical needs of the patients. This will not only enable the credentialed clinical staff to up their medical services, it will also lead to enhanced satisfaction of the patient.
  3. Better documentation and revenue processing: Wanna compare outsourced medical billing and in-house billing staff? You will agree that most often in-house billing results in either sloppy documentation or flawed/incomplete information about insurance providers/patient demographics or incorrect coding or lack of updates on new medical legislations. But, the benefits of medical billing company lies in better documentation, accurate coding, accurate information updation and the like. So, medical billing company is surely economical and revenue boosting.
  4. Error-free medical billings: One of the leading causes of claim denials is erroneous coding. You can be upcoding/undercoding/unbundling. In each of the case, there are chances of denials and profit inflation. If certain cases, it can lead to federal penalties, fines, and imprisonment along with a huge loss of revenue. It can cost you your medical license too. Often in-house billing or billing by medical staff can lead to errors in coding. To avoid this, choose the royal road and hire the best Medical billing company in Brea California. Statim LLC assures you predictable cash-flows and profitable revenue recovery.
  5. Optimum revenue utilization: When you hire a medical billing company, they will manage everything for you; be it data-entry, coding or processing claims for medical-billing. Credentialed specialists review and track every submitted claim to ensure maximum revenue-recovery. Outsourcing healthcare billing solutions can nullify upcoding/undercoding/duplicate billing and other issues which leads to loss of revenue. They will definitely increase medical practice revenue by reducing billing deficiencies, by increasing net collections, and reducing errors in claim denials.

Our team at Statim LLC is known to ease your burden for medical billing and maximize your medical practice revenue! We are skilled, dedicated and always committed! We are the best medical billing company in Brea California.

We promise you that we are a one-stop solution for recording and updating patients’ demographic data, assessing pre-certification insurance eligibility, managing account receivables, outstanding balances, and denials, enhancing enhance recovery utilization and much more!

If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well It were done quickly!

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